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Possible dream job for someone in this forum...

Good wage for UK, And if previous holders of the post are anything to go by, no need for results either!
The "Fujitsu" system as far as I know is an old ICL mainfraime (as ICL were taken over by Fujitsu in the late '80s early 90s).
If I'd gone down an alternative path earlier in my life, I probably would have gone for it too. As it is I'm now paid peanuts for a job I love.
Having recently worked for (local) government in the UK I would not touch this with a barge pole. Its not at all about old technology. Just read the article:-

As well as moving the DWP away from old tech, the CTO would need to introduce "next generation web, social, mobile, cloud, big data and deep learning technologies" to the mix.

so you need to :-

1. Ditch the old
2. Roll in the new stuff

a total nightmare. And look who you are reporting to:-

"director of digital technology at the DWP."

what kind of title is that? To get the job done properly they need another "0" on the end of the salary. I bet the top consultants from Fujitsu who are running the system now get more than £130K. I earned £50K when I worked for Compaq in 2002. I know salaries haven't gone up much in that time, but IMHO its a poisoned chalice and they had better have a great golden parachute...

... so can any of you want the job explain to me what "deep learning technology" is, or perhaps more appositely elucidate the areas of responsibility a "directory of digital technology" might have. Does that mean he has the budget for mobile phones but not any traditional analogue phones (POTS lines)....