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Post a bizzare character portrait from an obscure computer game

That’s incredible and seems unlikely to be a coincidence. Wonder if the writers had been there.

I know, right? I've been to a lot of diners across the U.S. and that screenshot immediately reminded of that one diner.
The caretaker from the 1989-1990-1991 horror adventure game The Last Half of Darkness. I'm going to play this one this month on one of my vintage computers. Happy Halloween!


Wayne and Garth from "Wayne's World" (1993) by Capstone. The cover even had a no-hurl guarantee.


Stellar Santiago from Space Quest VI
Screenshot from The Best of ZZT (where Epic published the best fan creations that players had made using the provided editor that came with the game). The unnamed protagonist (or the protagonist who had any name you wanted in a game you created) is the white smiley face near the center. Screenshot from MobyGames.