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Pr1me (super)mini


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Aug 31, 2003
When I was a student one of the first experiences with larger computers we had to work with was a Pr1me supermini- this was about mid eighties I think.

As I remember it had Televideo 920 and 925 terminals (about 40). I should still have some course docs somewhere (question is *where* :) )

I have been looking around the web now to dig up some info but not find a lot- there seem to be other companies called Prime that have nothing to do with it.

THis one I mean: http://www.malch.com/prime/

But I would be looking for more info- any help appreciated.


Hello, my name is Ray Borrill, and I know very little about the Prime computers. BUT I have a friend who owned one for years, and for all I know may still own it although his business organization has changed very much. I will phone him tonight and ask him if he will talk with you, either by phone or email.
He is a scientest with about 3 PHDs and does contract work for the government and heavy industry, and wiorks through grants or progress-paid contract. He started in 1976 or 77 and at first had a big Prime installed in his basement office. I know that now his son lives and works as a programmer for him and lives in Chicago, and he has anther programmer in Tulsa or thereabouts. Ain't the Internet Grand?
I used to know another guy with a big Pime used for CAD/CAM The system cculd nt only produce drawings on a big Houstin Inst. plotter, it could drive a huge Cinccinati MiliKron milling machine directly. His company was in the Injecting Molded Plastic business, but he was a poor manager and after great success he couldn't handle the management load and went broke. The man simsply could not delegate authoity.
Get back to me asap if you are interested, via my email address which is: <b.r.borrill@sbcglobal.net>