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Proposed "Pet Alive!" day

Plenty of positive responses from the mailing list! Since those people mainly are experts all of them, it looks like category #2 will get the biggest number of entries.
Yes. I've just read them. That's great! I love the Chuck Peddle Pet...lol

I'll put up another reminder every week as a kind of "countdown" on the VCF. Anders, you might to do the same on these lists...just to remind people as the event comes closer.

Good work!
The father of the first PET. That would really be something. I heard Earl Evans interview him on the Retrobits podcast and he's certainly active enough.
I just got a nice idea what to do with my PET Alive day. I have a 6 MB Corvus hard disk which connects through a Hardbox interface to the IEEE port. I might try to hook the C2N232I to the PET and backup the contents of the HDD onto a PC. I'm not sure the ready-made commands in cbmlink to read a whole disk image will apply, in particular since the hard drive may be divided in multiple areas. At the same time I will get an attractive setup to take a picture of. I just need to allocate appropriate space to set it all up.
Hi Guys,

Less than a week to go before PET Alive!

Those of you who inhabit other more-specific commodore boards might want to jog people's memories with a post.

We'll have to work out the exact time to open the event given that we're talking International here. I don't think anyone will be too picky about this but we'll have to let them know. I suggest 21.00 GMT on the 24th (that's 9am Saturday NZ time). The competition could close off around 5pm Sunday May 2nd Pacific time (I'll have to calculate what this is in GMT.). That will give Earl Evens a chance to look through any entries that night (he's in Oregan). Then perhaps officially end the event the next day (12.00 GMT Mon 3rd?) with a wrap up before that.


I think you mean Saturday April 24, 21:00 GMT equals Sunday April 25, 9 AM your time. Of course we can let the festivities begin at Saturday morning your time, which would be Friday afternoon in the USA, late evening in Europe. Besides I'm leaning more towards calling it an event than a competition, but of course deadlines are good to set.

Not sure if all participants have signed up to the forum, or some will post their results on respective web sites and elsewhere post links. Many may participate without the meaning to get evaluated, but we'll see about the turn out.
Yes, I also see it more of an event than a competition. I certainly don't want people NOT to show their PETS just because they think they are too ordinary looking or not "dressed" enough.

Regarding times , I got the date a day out. I actually meant to say 21.00 GMT on the 23rd (not the 24th) which is 9am Saturday 24th in New Zealand. It will mean most of us in Europe, America, NZ and Australia will be up and about for the start.

I'll create two threads on the Commodore Forum, one called "The official PET Alive! Event Thread" and "Pet Alive! Hospital" and just say a few words of introduction in both. Anders, I consider you "Mr Commodore" on VCF. Do you want to write a few paragraphs on Commodore and the significance of the PET and post it up early in the event. It might be good just to set the scene, and for those who are not necessarily participating (most of us know the history) but are reading the posts.

What so you think?

Heh.. I'm sure many of us would qualify for that title. I would have to look up things regarding the significance of the PET, but could have a go. The easiest path to take is to find a few off-site quality links and include those in case bypassers want to read more about what we are dealing with.

Personally I will be busy most part of Saturday, so I'll join the personal fun on Sunday. Once I have a system set up, it will be easier to allocate an hour or two in the evenings for keep working on the project.
> I would have to look up things regarding the significance of the PET, but could have a go. The easiest
>path to take is to find a few off-site quality links and include those in case bypassers want to read more
>about what we are dealing with.

That would be great. Many members of VCF don't have PETs or ar too young to be aware of that famous 1977-78 Microcomputer triology of the TRS80 M1, Apple II and PET 2001. It will be good to show them there is more to vintage computing than old Intel/MS-DOS machines. :)

It seems "Best behaved" may become the favorite category. A lot of people planning various technical demonstrations during the PET Alive! event. Latest addition is André Fachat who just posted about his new 12 MHz (!) turbo card with 1 MB RAM and 512K Flash ROM. It'll be exciting to see!
Anders, that is great news. I'm really looking forward to seeing what people have got!

Not long to go now. I'll be putting up a final reminder post later today.

If members of this community group haven't already, could you please post reminders about this Event in any other forums you might inhabit. Even members of non-Commodore ones might be interested. As I said, I'll kick it off at 21.00 hours GMT this Friday by creating two clearly named threads in the Commodore Forum...one for the event images and discussion, and the other for the PET hospital.

Oh, I've verified with Earl Evans (Retrobits podcast) regarding giving out some awards. He's looking forward to it, and will probably also show off his own PET. He's also going to give the event a plug in his latest podcast, assuming he gets it out in the next few hours. He is planning one for tonight.

Ok guys, PET Alive is up!

Steve, with your moderator powers are you able to amend the title of the event thread? I forgot to capitalise the Pet to PET. Also, any possibility of making the two threads stickys for the duration of the event?


Sorry, sorry! Missed that message, Tez. Title is fixed and the threads were already stickied anyway, thankfully.
Hi Guys,

Just wondering about your thoughts on the two threads Post-event? Certainly they should be un-stickied but should they be closed off?

I'm in two minds about this. Closing off a thread gives a kind of closure to the event. I like that as it brings things to a definite conclusion. It doesn't preclude people posting other post-event threads to continue discussions.

On the other hand, why not just have a closing statement/summary but just leave the threads open for post event comments?

Have any preferences?

Whew! That's the show over!

That was great. Thanks for getting behind the idea guys. Hopefully it raised some awareness of PETs and the VCF also.