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Pulsar Electronics Little Big Board

Sorry I cant be of any help...
A friend I used to program with worked for GE and built MANY machines based upon STD-bus devices... it was he who prodded me into writing PAIN - a z80 (but 'adjustable') assembler based upon PROLOG nemonics and format. Written in learn-as-you-go Pascal MT+ (Digital Research) :p
But it was about the time I had it 'post-beta' ready that they compromised the bus standard and Intel chips began to take over... for what reason I dunno...

Would like to have a full rack of STD-CP/M system but I already dont have room for what I have! :eek:

Ah... the days! :D
If anyone's still looking, I have a bunch of MicroBee floppies that I haven't bothered too much with. Could it be possible that one of them would work with the LBB?

PM me if interested and I can get some specifics and take a look.
Yep made them available over a year ago, but glad you found them :)
I have applied for access and can't wait to download - and to end a 20+ year search!

Combined with the Pulsar STD bus card schematics and illustrated brochure scans, that I have previously shared (via https://microbee-mspp.org.au/), I believe that we now have the ability to recreate most of Pulsar's systems. The most difficult card to reproduce will be the LBB itself, it's obviously doable but would require a lot of work in KiCAD to create the layout etc...