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rl02 part 2


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May 27, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
and my other 2 drives showed up today they look like they will need some love the boards inside them look mint at least.


one has a built in power cord while the other has a plug in cord

i've so far cleaned oily grime from peoples hands while they were in service taken the front plates off cleaned them out found the foam filters to be shot and contents of one all inside the back end of the drive

so i have jumps 2x 0 and 1

i've cleaned the dust inside the plater area thats acumulated on both havent done the heads yet that will be later
and these drives apear to of not been fired up since at least 1990 or thats according to the dates written on the platters one says system one says source though i wonder if any of the data is recoverable off them.

did power up test on one the fan is seaze but the lights on the front came on so has to be a good sign i hope and then proceeded to do more cleaning will do a full tare down once i get my self a proper work area setup