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sad find


Experienced Member
May 27, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
not to long ago i litteraly walking onto a pdp8i and nearly blue a gasket
when i found it. :'(
its pritty mangled the back planes in a million peacs some of the cards survived but will need work

did get some unobtainium switches for it and a 8m still gotta go back and do more archeology on the area where i found this stuff



not going to lie i cried a little when i found it

so now i have part of one of these ledgonds some of it will go on to help others some of it will go on my wall till one day i need the parts and some will become part of a sculpture not sure how im going to do that yet

note if theres something that can help someone burried in this mess feel free to msg me
the only things i wont let go of are the card jumpers and the switches sorry guys
the core memory is pritty damaged so i opened it dam it got mangled :( had no idea how delicate it truly was

from the depths i walk
upon this day
from benieth my feet
i spy i spy
o my
so much to what
what what whaT!
for what holy

tears drop
to what i spy
o dec flip
o my
to this a pile
pile of switches
the unobtianium
to this i shreek nearly
o o
the loss
i find
to dig i must
carrying what i can
to return a tub to full to carry
more to come more to come