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Veteran Member
Feb 11, 2017
Guildford, U.K.
Hi All,

I've been lurking for a long while, but have decided to make myself known.

I started out with PCs when I was in Louisville, KY, on contract back in '82-'84. I scanned the computer mags trying to decide where to invest my hard-earned dough. I finally settled upon an S100 bus system (later to become accepted as the IEEE696 bus) - A Morrow Designs Decision I. Uniquely for the time it had a multi-tasking Z80 processor card, but still was in the 2 x 5.25" floppy configuration. CP/M 3 was its OS, 64KB was its memory initially, with a Visual terminal and an Oki Microline printer. It later got upgraded with a 5MB hard drive, dual Tandon 8" floppy drives and another 128KB of static RAM. It came back to the U.K. with me and I continued to use it, running off a portable industrial tool transformer for the 100VAC supply.

I missed out on the whole IBM PC nascence, but finally decided to get into the act when the PS/2 range became available, plumping for a not quite the top of the line 8580-111, with 8514/A, 8514 Monitor and a 3270 Connection adapter (being an independent IBM Network Systems Programmer) around 1988-9. I've been an involved enthusiast of the PS/2s and IBM hardware ever since then and have amassed a whole gamut of equipment, which is rapidly pushing me out of the house. :rofl:

Anyway, that's me and my early days.

Greetings to all.