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So how do you pay for your collecting


Veteran Member
Sep 11, 2003
mostly cash, I ocassionally flip stuff if I already have it or its not in my main intrest area though I've been getting rid of alot more stuff latly, as was mentioned before though shipping is killer

about freecycle, maybe some of it has to do with area. when I lived in Pittsburgh I found lots of stuff on freecycle. Apple IIGS, Tandy 2000, Apple IIc, At@t computer....just lots of free nice stuff then I moved to pheonix and I assumed with it being a much bigger city there would more alot more oppertunities but after 7 months I have not seen or have been replied to for a single vintage computing item on freecycle. I will say there are alot more thrift stores here. I did luck into a $40 buy on craigslist though for an old DOS machine, turned out he was getting rid of alot of stuff and when he found out I was in the hobby he acually gave me a ton of stuff. an old 386 alot of socket 7 motherboards, a few duel pentium pro boards, just wish I had a PPro to test them.
Havn't seen a computer on freecycle here in ages, scrappers pay for them.