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So whodahell is this whatever'shername and...

Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
...if she's so damn famous, how come I never heard of her before?

So I tune in the evening "news" (tough to say that with a straight face), to try and get a handle on how long it'll be before we invade Terroristan (again?) with anything heavier than CIA sneakers on the sand, what with embassies blowing up all over the world, but instead of anything resembling hard information, all I get is a bunch of folks (the likes of S. Wonder & Q. Jones!?!), boo-hooing about yet another Hollyweed junkie coming to an all-too-timely end, followed by another ten-or-so minutes of fluff about what a wonderful person she was despite throwing her life away in favor of a not-so-cheap buzz, interspersed with a couple of soundbites of someone in a three-size-too-small dress screaming at a microphone (presumably the deceased herself?). Stranger still, they're even speculating whether drugs and/or alcohol might have been contributing factors to an otherwise "healthy" individual meeting her fate an such a early age. (They'd probably ask these tough questions even if she'd been 132 yrs old for that matter). Of course it contributed! The ravages of substance abuse to the human body are in large part, irreversible. Still, they wonder...

Well, of course, I put it to my top-shelf team of fact-checkers only to learn that, indeed, I am perhaps the only person on the planet that hasn't heard of her and/or is not madly enamored with her and/or her alleged (hard to tell based on a single note soundbite) talent. (Admittedly, it's not the first time that's happened either).

Now please, keep in mind before you deploy the flamethrowers, that this is coming from a fellow who just spent the entire afternoon listening to a variety of calliope, zither and band-organ, aka, nickelodeon music, very nicely wound down with a platter of the twelve-string genius of Leo Kotke. I've always affirmed that I'm immune to pop culture, but there's nothing like having it proven once again, eh?

Aside that, what I'm finding shocking is, even if she is (was) all that, why is she is considered more important than the possible start of WWIII (or is it just the conclusion of WWII?)? Is this what we've come to? I surrender!!!