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Some Color Computer Stuff


Veteran Member
Sep 21, 2006
South Florida
So before I fleabay it, anyone interested?

Got a CoCo3, with original Tandy 512K upgrade, tested+working $75 +s/h
I'll even toss in a Hitachi 6309 CPU for it - these go for $20-25 by themselves

Complete Burke & Burke XT-RTC MFM hard disk setup.
Pristine condition. Includes:
XT-RTC interface, with WD MFM HDD controller installed, and it IS an -RTC version with clock
XT-ROM 3.0 installed for autobooting without a floppy diskette
External case with an IBM 0665-53 MFM HDD and cables (no idea on the HDD)
Original Manual
Original XT-ROM and XT-RTC diskettes
$100+s/h - these are pretty hard to find, especially in THIS completeness and condition.