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Sound Blaster


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The Sound Blaster is a line of sound card produced by Creative Labs for the IBM PC, introduced in 1989.
The first Sound Blaster cards are listed here:
  • Sound Blaster 1.0
  • Sound Blaster 1.5
  • Sound Blaster 2.0

Sound Blaster soon became a de-Facto standard for sound cards of the late 80s to mid 90s, before Windows / DirectX abstracted the sound card specifics using drivers.

Often a piece of software that would utilise the Sound Blaster (such as a DOS game) would also require that the user enter the Port, IRQ and DMA settings.
The default for these were:


The later Sound Blaster 16 cards contained an on-board IDE port for installing a CD drive, as well as a connector to allow CD audio, allowing early multimedia PCs to play audio CDs.

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