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Sun Microsystems Ultra 1 Workstation


Experienced Member
Sep 23, 2017
I purchased a Sun Sparcstation 20 from a local dealer and this case was included in a separate box. However, this (top) case is to a Sun Ultra 1 Workstation !! Sadly for me, it won't fit my Sun Sparcstation 20. I'd like to sell this case and use the funds to locate and buy a Sun Sparcstation 20 case. (Let me know if you know of one for sale.)

I am a collector of vintage computers so I know the heartbreak of buying on eBay and the item arriving in a million pieces. I'm very careful about my packing. For this top case, I have double boxed it and placed supports so it should arrive to your location as picture.

Note that I have pointed out a tiny scratch on the top of the case. Unless you are looking at it from a certain angle, you probably won't notice.

I have scrubbed the case clean inside and out.

Details are here: