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SUN Sparc and SUN3 gear needs new home


New Member
Feb 23, 2020
For pickup only in Tucson, AZ USA

Clearing out my SUN gear from clean storage. Included are (not all are pictured):
- SparcStation 1 (3)
- SparcStation 2
- Ultra 5, Ultra 2, ELC
- Ultra 60 (2)
- 3/50, 3/60 (2), 3/75 (2)
- collection of SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 external disks
- 8mm, 4mm, and SUN3 cartridge tape drives (+ lots of 4mm and 8mm blank tapes)
- big color monitors (2), LCD monitor, many keyboards & mice (mechanical and optical)
- several boxes of original documentation (SunOS 3.5 on up)
- Big-o-box of scsi cables of varying types

Most of this stuff was in working order when placed into clean storage some 10+ years ago. NVRAMs are almost guaranteed to be dead.
Make an offer. *Preference given to those who will take it all.* (At least a minivan or truck needed).

Let's find this stuff a good home and save it from the scrap dealer.



Experienced Member
Mar 19, 2009
Bainbridge Is., WA
What is the status of this stuff? I am interested, even if I need to take it all and then pass on the stuff I can't make use of.

If I don't need to take it all, I am interested in the Sun 3 stuff.