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Super Socket 7 board without IDE/FDC/etc.?


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Jan 27, 2008
United States
Haha, I just recently dropped an Athlon XP-class Copper-bottomed heatsink with a temperature-controlled fan on my Pentium 166 in my GNU/Linux box. Right now it's not permanent, as I have a Pentium 200 someplace that WAS in the machine when I did a board swap. Why I did this? I'm overclocking the Pentium 200 to 266 and, with my older heatsink, it got hot. As there's no real air circulation in my case with only the PSU exhausting heat, it's a problem.

As for the topic of the thread itself, If you wanted 48-bit LBA via an add-on card and such, you're not going to find one. However, if you want an SS7 board that DOES have 48-bit LBA, I'd suggest you look up a Lucky Star 5I-VX1C or 5I-VX1E. They're the same board- just laid out a bit different. the VX1E has a second PC66 slot where the 1C has only one. Both also take 4 sticks of EDO, and can reach a maximum speed of 75MHz. the VX1E is better on CPU compatibility, though, since it has better voltage regulation for the different CPUs that came out later than the 1C. so that's the one I'd recommend you get.

48-bit LBA is something that you can only get through a modified BIOS, though. Rom.by supplied me with mine... Link is here: http://bios.rom.by/bios/LS/.
This was great because I lost my VX1E to a bad Cyrix chip and a cracked Socket afterwards. I got a VX1C as a surprise in a random case I bought, and moved the BIOS chip over. was Awesome.

As for other things, Floppy controller on board is fine, most gigabit ethernet adapters work, and almost all ISA cards work in the system fine.


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Mar 7, 2009
I already have PCI IDE addon cards that support the full range of available IDE disks - I've used them successfully with disks up to 750GB.

The original point was that my PCI card adapters are faster than onboard IDE of this era, but it feels silly to have controllers onboard I'm not using, so I thought I'd ask if they made boards in that era without. While I was at it, perhaps one with no added stuff, ala original PC where you had to use addon boards for everything - just for fun.

I gave up on that, though.