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"system timer error" Phoenix Bios


New Member
Oct 28, 2015
I have a (somewhat rare) Siemens Scenic Mobile 500 laptop which is acting up quite a bit...
The problem normally starts in Windows (95) where the cursor won't really move the way I want it to and the CPU load becomes very high for no apparent reason.
When I restart the computer it takes either very long to recognize the hard drive or it won't detect it at all. If the latter is the case I get a "system timer error".
According to my online researches this can either mean that the cmos battery is dead or that the motherboard needs to be repaired..

As the computer doesn't lose any of its settings and the date and time are always correct, I assume that it's probably not the cmos battery which causes the problems.
I also don't think the problem is related to the hard drive (which is in my case a CF card on a IDE-adapter) because I've tried it in another old laptop and it works just fine.
What's also strange is that these problems don't occur all the time, in fact after a few restarts it kind of "recovers" and it might work fine for hours (and even days!).

But does that really sound like a dead cmos battery?
I didn't think so either.
So there's probably something wrong with the motherboard, which is sad...