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The World of Commodore, December 3, 2005 in Toronto


New Member
Aug 27, 2004
Toronto, Canada
The Toronto PET Users Group, the second oldest Commodore club in existence, is bringing back the World of Commodore on the weekend of December 2-3-4 in Toronto for 2005.

All the details are here:

Hope you can make it!

Micom 2000

Veteran Member
Mar 6, 2004
Manitoba North of 50 degrees Latitude
Damn !

I had been intending on being in TO around that time. But plans changed.
Hope my old neighbor Jim Butterfield is still kicking and will be there. He's a former member and mover of the old Toronto Freenet which I cut my
I-net teeth on, had a prominent role in the great TVO program "Bits and Bytes", wrote many articles for "Compute !", and is a Commodore icon.

I still have the Amiga 3000 he gave me and treasure it. He's a terrific guy and any who see him could please pass on my salutations. Great to see that PETUG is still soldiering on.

Sounds like a great meet, rivalling VCF. Especially if such commodore icons as Jim B. and Jim Brain are going to be there.