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Three broken Mac Pluses and one maybe working Mac 512, plus some extras


Experienced Member
May 22, 2007
Portland, Oregon, USA
Hi all,

I'm in Tigard (near Portland), Oregon. I know that local-only can be a drag, but I really don't want to ship this stuff (costly and fragile). Therefore, this is for local pickup only.

I have four classic Macs, one of which seems to be working, and some things to go with them:

  • Mac 512, appears to be working, but no OS 4.1 or earlier, so I cannot test. Bings, comes up to disk ? prompt. I used a spare 512 motherboard to repair it. It had previously been upgraded using a Supermac board, but that whole thing had failed. (I will throw it in if someone wants it.)
  • 3 Mac Pluses, not working. Bings, and 2 of them seem to boot the System 6 disk, but no video. One makes a crackling sound (high voltage/video?).


For all of the above, I have one keyboard that has all the keys and works, but does have a crack on one corner. I have NO mouse.

This equipment is all yellowed with age. But as far as I can see, there are no major cracks, dings, or gashes (aside from the keyboard issue I mentioned). All is not much worse for wear. One of the Macs is missing the battery compartment cover because that SuperMac upgrade placed a SCSI connector where the battery cover goes.

Also, I have:

  • System 6 with original mini-binder. Disk works, and has been used pretty recently.
  • HyperCard with mini-binder and disks. Untested.
  • Above-mentioned Mac 128/512/Plus keyboard with cracked corner.
  • Two Farallon PhoneNet connectors with terminators.
  • Asante "Micro AsantePrint" LocalTalk to Ethernet bridge.
  • ADB large keyboard and mouse. Not tested, and quite yellowed.


I'm not a classic Mac collector. I'd like to trade all of the above for some other gear, like Commodore, Atari, or DEC.

If you're interested, please shoot me a PM, and let me know what you might be willing to trade. If you'd like to make a money offer, that's fine too.


- Earl