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TI CC-40 stuff and Jim Lesher


Veteran Member
Apr 30, 2003
Amarillo, TX
I just completed a transaction with Mr. Jim Lesher for a couple of CC-40's and I have to say it was smooth and he's absolutely great to deal with.

If anyone is looking for either a 6K or 18K unit, you can't hardly beat his prices. Way better than ebay ever thought of being!

He's also has some cartridges and peripherals at very good prices.

Here's the link to his price listing. http://www.99er.net/lesher.html

One note, he is out of some items listed. Go figure, it hasn't been updated since 1999! For a more current listing, drop him a line at the email address listed on that page.


p.s. Since I recently moved, if anyone is looking for my CC-40 webpage, IT AIN'T THERE! Cox is a lot quicker about deleting stuff than I thought they would be. I will be working on the new and improved page and should have it posted before too long.

p.p.s. No, Jim didn't pay me to post this. I was just so impressed with the service and the amount of stuff he has, I felt like someone should spread the word!