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Computer Collector

Experienced Member
Jan 22, 2005
I was going through my old stuff and realized that I own what appears to be the tape drive cable for the TI. Now I havent done much with my TI, because I forgot that I had the wire and didnt want to waste time typing in Basic Prograsms that I couldnt even save :wink:

But now that Ive found this wire, I can go ahead and hook up a tape recorder and start writing some programs. However, Im a little confused about the wire and would like a little info.

The side that plugs into the TI looks like the end of an Atari joystick; a reglar 9 pin head. Then the wire breaks up into 2 wires, which I will call "A" and "B". Now the A wire goes ahead and breaks up into 2 additional wires, and the B wire breaks up inot 3 additional wires. I believe that these 3 wires are what I would plug into a tape recoder (with a REM hole). however, Im confused about wire "A" what on earth is it for?

Terry Yager

Veteran Member
May 1, 2003
Saginaw, MI, USA 48601
The cable you have is for jacking-in dual cassette recorders. (The idea being that you can have your program tape in one, and save your data on the other one). Just use the three-headed cable for a single installation, the other is read-only (no mic jack).