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Toshiba T3400CT


New Member
Nov 13, 2003
I thought I would put this out to help the very few people out there that really want to use or just mess around with a very old 486 laptop that someone probably gave them because they are the only one stupid enough to play around with it. This set of instructions will help you get floppy access. After that you will be on your own.

#1 Get a parallel direct connect cable. I am using a belkin f3d508-10 (at least that is what it is labeled)

#2 Get another old machine that you can run dos in. I tried to make this work with my 1st string machine (XP pro), but that just didn’t work since XP wants everything to be at least win95. I also have a linux box, but I don’t know as much about linux (though I am learning). I do, however, have a stack of 486s and related parts, so I put together a win95 machine for this purpose.

#3 I assume you have dos installed on the Toshiba, if not you lose. Check your dos directory for interlnk.exe.

You should get a couple of programs: Interlnk.exe and Intersvr.exe. They are available here http://www.oldstuff.myagora.net/lightspeed/main.html#Networking. (look for interlink) If you don’t have those on the Toshiba, look around the hd for a while.

Make a floppy disk on your normal machine and copy intersrv.exe to it (bootable if you like). Connect the Toshiba and the other machine with the cable. Boot the other machine to dos, and run intersrv.exe.

On the Toshiba, open the config.sys file and add this line: DEVICE=C:/DOS/INTERLNK.EXE (or change the path to fit where your interlink is). Reboot the Toshiba, and check your other machine. The server should show table of correspondences. Test it on your Toshiba, a voila…it works.

My question for all of you is, what in tarnation could I possibly use this laptop for?