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Trailer full of Vintage Computers for sale near Tampa, Florida


Veteran Member
Jul 26, 2010
San Diego, CA

He's got just about everything you can imagine from the early 80s. The thing is you must take the whole lot (including the trailer). If anyone buys it, please let me know, because there's a couple computers in there I'd love to buy separately. Dozens of TRS-80s, Portable Computers (IBM, Osborne, Compaq, Zenith Data Systems), AT&T, Dozens of old Macs (128s, 512s, etc), even a couple Lisas. He said the price is negotiable.
Cool. For someone who has the time & space this could be a very lucrative deal. Assuming this stuff did not boil to death in FL summers.
If it they were stored in a climate controlled storage facility might be in good shape. But if not climate controlled then the humidity may get to them. So could be a huge junk pile! So right now it's unknown.
If it they were stored in a climate controlled storage facility might be in good shape. But if not climate controlled then the humidity may get to them. So could be a huge junk pile! So right now it's unknown.
True, but even a few Apple II/III/Lisa cases are worth quite a bit of money alone. If there are truly hundreds of computers in there, it may be worthwhile. He mentioned tons of boxes of floppy disks, 8 and 5.25" which I'd be really interested to dig through. I wish I could see pictures to get a sense of the condition and completeness of the lot.
I don't see the comment on taking the trailer, the listing looks like it was him (er.. or her) losing their storage facility? Did you talk to them already or have some pictures/inside to what's there?
Yes, I spoke to him on the phone and he said the computers are inside a semi-trailer which needs to go along with all of the contents. While I was on the phone I asked if he could peek inside to read of some of the computers. That's how I came up with that list. I asked if the price was negotiable and he said yes.
My good friend and former next-door neighbor moved to Bradenton last year. And, he drives a semi with his CDL. Maybe we can sign him on.
Although I am in NY I would be willing to buy IBM PS/2s, IBM VPs in case there are any. It would be nice when there would be a list of items.
I'd be down for a group buy. Stone, your friend is only about 15-20 miles away! Anyway we could encourage him to stop over and take some pictures! :)
I also live in Tampa and could take a look and take pictures. Is the guy willing to part it out? I would be interrested in buying an item or two.
Hey there. This seems like a pretty cool opportunity to find bits for our collection. I'd be down to contribute if whoever's closest wants to C.O.D. me some of the stuff. I do think some pictures would be nice.
I was part of a large group buy of arcade items several years ago.
We need to buy the entire lot and then we part it out ourselves based on the amount of money each person put in.
It worked well for us and the arcade items because we were all local in Long Island and NYC but it was a ton of work (two storage containers and a large basement).
There were 11 of us in that purchase and we each put in about $300. I got a ton of arcade and pinball parts and boards (I didn't have any more room for more complete cabinets).
These large buys are the best way to get a lot of items at a good price but it is certainly buyer beware because you can't test anything and it's all as-is.
First things first, someone closeby needs to call the guy up and arrange to take some pictures and peek around to get some kind of an inventory. They can then report back their findings here and those interested in a group-buy can start deciding on price and wishlists, etc.
True, craigslist sellers are rather fickle about whether or not they take down a post after they sell their items. On another note, I would really like to see what kinds of old Macintoshes and old Apple stuff this guy has.