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TRS-80 Knowledge Archive


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Jun 16, 2012
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This Yahoo information group (no discussion group) is especially dedicated to TRS-80 beginners and TRS-80 fans who need more knowledge :D . Please check - registration is required - It can't be visited without a registration, sorry. All TRS-80 fans are welcome.

For some TRS-80 fans it may be interesting to have a view on the editor's judgements from the earlier times when these computers were displayed in computer shop's display windows for sale. The technical details of the reviewed computers are more precise and meaningful than the shorthand technical specifications found on a modern computer museum internet page. Some of the reviews are more well disposed and others less. Because of the different views of the various editors the reader can make himself a pretty good overview about the desired computer model. Since some of the reviews are difficult to obtain nowadays I thought it might be useful to make them available in this manner.

Beside the older TRS-80 computer enthusiasts (I'm 59 years old - now in 2018.) which are familiar with most of the TRS-80 models since the late 1970s there may be younger fans who would like to be supported in their decision to obtain a specific model. The containing information of the reviews might bring some light in the beginner's lack of knowlegde of the different types of TRS-80 and compatible computers. BTW, are there any younger TRS-80 users among us (born after ca. 1980) or do the group members consist only of survivers of the former 8-bit times?

The reviews are taken almost all from independent magazines like Byte or 80micro and similar printed publications. The pages from the magazine 'Microcomputer News' should more seen like an introduction and advertisment than real reviews because this magazine was published by Radio Shack. Nevertheless I have added for completeness a few of the overviews from this magazine too.

I've collected all the reviews found in magazines that I have (or had) personally on paper or that are (or were) accessible in digitized formats (PDF, JPG or plain text) on the internet. Regardless of the original data format all the reviews are now in PDF available.

The group's mainly purpose is collecting and providing information (mostly as files and photos - see menu above) about the various Tandy TRS-80 computers* and compatibles* sold by Radio Shack and other companies in the 1970s an 80s. The language of the PDF-files is mostly English but some are in German.

Discussing a subject will be more worthwile on Yahoo's main TRS-80 Radio Shack Computers group or in this forum:



To get more background information about the TRS-80 hardware and software reviews you will find in the 'TRS-80 Knowledge Archive':


* Tandy computers:
- TRS-80 Model I
- TRS-80 Model II
- TRS-80 Model III
- TRS-80 Model 4
- TRS-80 Model 4P
- TRS-80 Model 12
- TRS-80 Model 16
- TRS-80 Model 16B
- TRS-80 DT-1
- TRS-80 Color Computer

* TRS-80 compatible computers (sold by various companies):
- PMC-80
- Dick Smith System 80
- Video Genie
- EACA Genie III
- Lobo Max-80
- LNW80
- Trommelschlaeger TCS GENIE IIIS
- Trommelschlaeger Speedmaster
and any other, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TRS-80_clones