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Vintage CompuPro S-100 MP/M system for sale


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Apr 27, 2003
San Jose, CA
Vintage CompuPro S-100 MP/M system for sale

System was originally purchased for circa $15,000 to maintain a database of all
K-12 educational computing products on the market at that time. It was in working condition when stored, but no guarantees re: present operating condition.

System includes:

CompuPro case, motherboard and power supply
-- System Enclosure and Mother Board Technical Manual
CompuPro CPU 8085/88
-- CPU 8085/88 Technical Manual - Dual CPU
16 BIT 8088 - 8 BIT 8085 clock rate to 8 MHz
M-Drive H
-- M-Drive/H Technical Manual - 512K solid state disk emulator
2 x CompuPro Ram 21
-- 2 - RAM 21 Technical Manual - static memory 128K x 8 or 64K x 16
CompuPro 172C Selector Channel
-- Disk 2 & Selector Channel Technical Manual
CompuPro Disk 2
CompuPro System Support
-- System Support Manual
CompuPro Disk 1
-- Disk I Technical Manual - floppy disk controller
CompuPro Interfacer
-- Interfacer 3 Technical Manual - 8-channel serial I/O board

CompuPro CP/M 86 Technical Manual

Visual 050 monitor
Visual 50 Reference Manual

Software and Manuals

MicroPro WordStar 3.0
MicroPro WordStar 3.3
MicroPro MailMerge 3.3 Reference Manual
persoft smarterm 220 DEC VT220 Terminal Emulator with
ASCII and Binary File Transfer
CompuPro CP/M 2.2 Manual
Digital Research CP/M-86 Operating System User's Guide
Digital Research CP/M-86 Operating System System Guide
Digital Research CP/M-86 Operating System Programmer's
Digital Research MP/M Operating System System Guide
Digital Research MP/M Operating System Programmer's Guide
Digital Research MP/M Operating System Command Summary
MP/M-86 operating manual and users guide
Microsoft BASIC-80 Reference Manual
dBASE II manual
Solomon Business Software

I very well may have program disks, but they seem to be buried in one of the...

Three legal boxes full of used 8-inch floppy disks with some application software
(may or may not be readable)


CP/M Primer by Stephen M. Murtha and Mitchell Waite
Using CP/M by Judi N. Fernandez and Ruth Ashley


11 issues of S-100 Microsystems magazine, including selected issues from vols I, II, and III
And MANY shelf feet of vintage personal computing magazines

I'll entertain any reasonable offer. System is located in Marshfield, MA.

Contact: lloyd (at) paisite.com.