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Vintage Computer Festival PNW / Italia / East / West dates for 2019


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Aug 14, 2003
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You asked; we answered:

  • VCF Pacific-Northwest (Seattle) - March 23-24
  • VCF Italia (Rome) - April 27-28
  • VCF East (Jersey Shore) - May 3-5
  • VCF West (Silicon Valley) - August 3-4

Read all the details here.
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Jul 9, 2008
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So the annual VCF in Europe takes place in Italy? That feels kind of appropriate to me, since the computer I grew up with and thus shaped my retro PC nostalgia in later years was an M24 from the Italian company Olivetti. ;)

Here's a direct link to the upcoming one in April 2020, In Italian: http://www.vintagecomputerclubitalia.it/index.php?pagina=edizione2019&_EDIZIONE 2019

I've never been to Italy before, so this might actually be a fun occasion to go. However I wonder how "international" the VCFs in Italy tend to be. Are a lot of the talks and sessions there in Italian? Are the people attending the event mostly Italian? Or do they come from all over the continent? I don't mind an all-Italian event, but there'd be a bit of a language barrier for me. :blush:

Anybody here who's attended the VCF in Italy before care to weigh in?


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May 3, 2003
Also, if people wanted to (help) organize VCFs in other countries and regions, how would they have to go about it?

Short story: email me at michael@vcfed.org or email one of the other board members; the list can be found at http://vcfed.org/wp/about/governance/ .

Longer story: There are at least two VCF style events in Europe at the moment. We (the people who run this site) are more closely aligned with VCF Italia but we are happy to see like minded people doing anything that resembles a VCF event.

If you have not done it yet consider participating at an existing event. If you are ready to launch a new event we can provide some guidance and logistical support, but you are going to need some local volunteers. (It takes 8 to 12 people to run an event depending on the size of the event.) It's really rewarding, but it is a lot of work.