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The South Wanted MS DOS boot disk 720k

Covers: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Viriginia.


Experienced Member
Mar 10, 2020
4104 Longworth Loop Kissimme, FL 34744
would it be possible for someone to make me a 720k ms dos disc so I can use on my Toshiba T1100 plus. It’s a 8088 based machine so I think dos 3.2 or so would do unless you would happen to have a copy of the version Toshiba bundled with the computer. Please pm if you can help me.


Veteran Member
Aug 6, 2018
Do you have any computers with a 3.5" floppy drive? If so, there are images online of the original T1100 Plus DOS 3.2 floppy, and you could probably make your own. There are even some USB floppy drives that can work with 720K floppies. You might future-proof your floppy needs by investing in such a drive, if you don't already have a drive you can use. Since the T1100 Plus doesn't have a hard drive, you'll probably want to make your own floppies for other things like games, other software, etc to run on it.