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Wanted: Pair of Slot 1 Pentium III CPUs - 750MHz and up

I haven't fooled with the multiplier jumpers, but I suspect that they probably don't do anything with later P3s.

Anyway, good to hear that you're getting past watching the fans spin.

you can set the multiplier to whatever you want, it wont matter. ever since the introduction of the pentium 2, chips have been locked. But if you find engineering samples... different story.
I figured out the 2GB issue while I had the box out of the rack. It turns out it wasn't Win98SE at all that was hanging things up.

I use Grub as my multibooter. It turns out that the older version of Grub I have installed has an issue with the memory space full (440GX limit is 2GB).
Grub wants to boot in graphics mode and takes forever (like about 45 seconds) to get the menu up when it can't figure out where to put an AGP aperture.

The easy fix is to change the Grub configuration file to keep things in text mode. Just adding


does the trick.
Ah, well, if anyone is interested, I've got my YouTube video done; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1X9HOQ6aKA

I also added a Special Thanks at the end, though I put "member of the vintage-computer.com" forums, as I didn't know if you wanted your names plastered all over the web.

Oh, I'm also glad to hear you got the memory issue sorted. I had problems with the bootloader too (Windows XP's one) as it doesn't like dual-booting with Win9X on SCSI. I installed the OS on the IDE drive and just install programs to the SCSI drive so it likely doesn't do that much harm to performance.