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What CP/M programs use the ADM-3A vector graphics extensions?


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Jan 25, 2022
Perth, Western Australia.
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows what programs for CP/M use the ADM-3A vector graphics extensions? I'd like to find some for testing my driver code.

Are you talking about the RG-512 or the unnamed vector graphics option that’s mentioned in passing in an old sales flyer I stumbled across?

Either way I would guess the amount of commercial software for it would be close to nil, but apparently they both did some level of Tektronix 40x0 emulation, which might broaden the base slightly.
Ahh, so it was not an official extension to the ADM-3A then I assume.

I recall seeing a manual for it when I was looking for a good description of the control codes ( And I have to say, the descriptions in the ADM-3A are some of the best descriptions I've found and detail the behavior of the screen all in one place with all the necessary detail ) - Anyway, one of the manuals described a hi-res graphics add on to provide vector graphics, and I just assumed it was an extension of the ADM-3A.

Yes, it was the RG-512 I was talking about... For some reason I just assumed it was an official extension of the ADM-3A, but on reviewing the manuals again, I see it is not.

What were the Kaypro extensions to the control codes?

I have a scan of some Kaypro documentation here: http://sebhc.durgadas.com/kaypro/KayproAddendum.pdf

On the last page is a summary of the display ESC sequences, although there are some graphics commands listed on page "20" that are not in the summary. Basic line drawing, and direct pixel management. The graphics were 160x100 pixels, so not terribly good. I don't know if the Kaypro ESC sequences match what anyone else did.