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What was the first microprocessor trainer board?

Dwight Elvey

Veteran Member
Jun 21, 2003
Santa Cruz
The combination of Sim4-01, MP7-03 and MBC-10 was half way there. It was designed to be used with a ASR-33 w/ punch. It came with software to program 1702A's and a place up to 4 1702's. One could also get the software written by Tom Pittman that was a complete assembler for the 4004 ( written in just 1 K of 4004 code! ). It was a 2 pass assembler using the TTY punch/reader as intermediate first pass and second pass as binary data output ( in BPNF format ). First pass would get one past errors and setup the labels. The MBC-10 had single LEDs to display data ( the half part ). One could have added an external keypad on the two 16 pin I/O expansion sockets. One would need to write their own interface. Since it was a Harvard architecture processor, It required programming the 1702s to run new code.
Intel had things like the MOD-4/40 but those were not close to being single board. These were large metal boxes with a bus system inside and many sockets for expansion.
I suspect the KIM-1 was close to the first with keypad/display and I/O to play with. I don't recall anything before that.