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What with this Ebay listing? Tyan s1830s motherboard AT form factor


Veteran Member
Jan 2, 2013
Marietta, GA
Great, another ebayer that doesn't know how to "sell". Or do they?

They don't say anything at all about the item in the description, but go on at length about their company. Perhaps this is really meant as an advertisement for their company.

Still, that does look like a nice AT style motherboard. It has the maximum possible number of expansion slots, and the "designed in USA" label is a plus. My guess this is specifically designed for industrial systems. But, again, they don't say anything about the product. They should describe things like the chipset, bios, supported OSes, operating temperatures, etc. Otherwise, their decimal is off by two places.

I stumbled on another similarly absurd listing the other day for a 1984 unopened copy "IBM Data Edition" for $1000.


The thing has water damage, so it is not even good for display. They don't even say what it is or why anyone might want it. As far as I can tell it is just some obscure special-purpose IBM database tool. I'd pay $20-$25 to find out, but not what they are asking.