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When your like-new Tandy 1100FD dies...


Dec 20, 2017
Fort Mill, SC
Just need to get this off my chest, as I'm pretty pissed at myself right now...

I had basically a new 1100FD, however as usual it had a dead floppy drive. I ordered a new belt, and just received it today. Had everything out on the bench. Taking the laptop apart, quite a PITA, but doable. Got the floppy out, the belt was stretched out and gooey. Removed it, cleaned it, and replaced it. As I'm putting everything back together, the screen cable got caught in a weird way, and off the bench she went, onto hardwood floor. Screen landed first, then the rest, before I was able to catch it. Broke the frame, punctured the screen, and scratched the floor on top of it... Not my day...

Thanks for reading...


Experienced Member
Jul 26, 2011
I have a few of these and I love mine. I can't imagine how I'd feel after breaking one. I'm just a bit curious which belt you used as a replacement, could you post a link?