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Wolfenstein 3D CGA edition

Agent Orange

Veteran Member
Sep 24, 2008
Nice that you've got it up and running but that's one of the reasons I went with EGA as soon as I could afford it. CGA was horrible for any kind of gaming, at least in my eyes.


May 18, 2010
Michigan, United States
Every once in awhile, you have to drop everything else in life and install the new thing someone made on some ancient machine. This is one of those times.

The machine I most wanted to run something like this on would be the Tandy 1000 TL. Just as a reminder, it's an XT-class machine with an 80286 @ 8 Mhz.
This particular Tandy 1000 TL has the 128k video ram expansion.

Using the Tandy mode (wolf3dc tandy), of course.


Wow, pretty blown away at how playable this is at the default viewport level of 12 (or 11 for those counting from zero).

Timedemo numbers:
1000 TL, Tandy mode, Viewport = 12
Demo Frames: 691
Tick Duration: 6334
FPS: 7.6

1000 TL, Tandy mode, Viewport = Full
DF: 691
TD: 8421
FPS: 5.8

Just for fun, I tried booting with 2048 bytes EMS card enabled and running the timedemo again. Not sure if EMS is even used, but since it gets recognized at the start of the game, figured that just maybe it does get used. A quick Google search affirmed that EMS is used if it is available, but not sure how accurate that info is.

Anyway, I got mixed results with 2048 bytes EMS enabled...

1000 TL, Tandy mode, 2048 bytes EMS, Viewport = 12
Demo Frames: 691
Tick Duration: 6463
FPS: 7.4

1000 TL, Tandy mode, 2048 bytes EMS, Viewport = Full
Demo Frames: 691
Tick Duration: 7818
FPS: 6.1

With 2048 bytes EMS available, I got an increase in FPS when viewport = full, but a decrease in FPS when viewport = 12, as compared with no EMS available.

The game actually seems to look better on the Tandy CM-5 monitor as opposed to the Tandy CM-11 monitor.


This is an excellent demonstration port. Thank you.

If there are any test parameters you'd like me to try on either the Tandy 1000 TL or Tandy 1000 SL w/ NEC V30, let me know and I'll run them and return the results.

Now that it's proven to work with TGA, perhaps the next logical step would be to utilize the Tandy DAC for sound. (please oh please :) would ya?!)