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World's most advanced Tandy 1000EX


Experienced Member
Aug 7, 2020
Does it actually run at 10 MHz, or is that just the maximum speed of the CPU chip?

It still runs at 7.16MHz. I wanted to point out that I put an NEC V20 in that can handle the higher speed of the 1000EX. The performance boost comes from the V20 having some more efficient instructions versus the original Intel 8088.

Checkit shows the 1000EX running at 1.02 times the speed of an XT with the original 8088. Checkit shows the 1000EX running at 1.32 times the speed of an XT with the NEC V20 installed.

Timo W.

Veteran Member
Nov 25, 2014
I assume all the games you proudly show in the auction are included as originals? Or are you advertising something here that comes with pirated games?

Oh, I see you also sell CF cards full with pirated games for $40 to $50 each. Hope a mod will see this and make sure you won't advertise your listings again here.
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