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your favorite portable


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Jan 11, 2009
Auburn, AL
list your favorite portable here. mine would be... a compaq portable!


i dunno why i put those smilies up there...
I also like the old CPPC. I have several, and some of which don't display video.
I wondering if it is a flyback issue. Anyone know?
I got a Tandy 102 and a 200. They're definitely my favorite portable computers of all the ones I own.
My Macintosh Powerbook (only portable I have).

Managed to get it working for the first time since I bought it in August 2009!
I like and have the Panasonic Sr. Business Partner portable. I like it because of it's built in printer, robust design, and a place to store a power cable in the back.
Hi, new guy here.

Favorite portable; without a doubt - Cambridge Z88. So slick, SO portable!
PipeDream wordprocessor
OZ Operatingsystem
Uppgradable to 512Kb internal memory, 4MB in total, Flashcards available (or build your own).

A remarkable little machine. New in stock from resellers _today_ both in the UK and US. I got mine for free from a friend who bought it at a flee market for a few bucks with 128k RAM and 32k EPROM.

Also take a look at the Amstrad NC-100, I think it's pretty similar. I also have an Osborne 1, but it's currently out of order. Working on that... Bad RAM I think :(
Outbound laptop/notebook: Motorola 68000 Macintosh clone. Lots of unique things about it. When it was released in 1989 it required a Macintosh SE or Plus ROM in order to fully boot. While this may have been a turn-off to some who were looking for a true Macintosh laptop it's nearly $4000 price tag made it appealing when you consider the "luggable" Macintosh Portable was nearly $7000. If you needed your donor Mac working again, simple plug a cable from your laptop into it. It also had a horizontal scroll bar as a pointing device, something I've yet to see on any other portable computer.
I have a Tandy 102 and a Tandy 200, they're great portable machines (although I wish I had a backlight for them). I'd like to get my hands on an Atari Portfolio too.

I'm not quite sure it counts, but I have a PiDP8/I in a new enclosure which I'm going to add some batteries to so it can be a portable PDP.
I liked the Panasonic Executive Partner I got at a jumble sale many years ago.

8086 based, with a half-size ISA slot. Looked like someone took a conventional clamshell laptop and expanded it 60% in every dimension.
Mine had been outfitted with a Seagate ST-251 hard drive which was weirdly glued together with a partition manager-- for some reason, writes wouldn't persist to the larger second partition. It had a gas-plasma display with two bad lines, and an interesting character ROM with italic and bold in lieu of extra colours.
I still have my "sewing machine". It started its life an 8088 with two 360 KB drives but now has a 486-66 on board. Video: MGP. Was my long time working horse when outside the house until I could obtain a laptop thanks to my employer. Yet I still use it in combination with rare hardware like a CD-shuttle: CDROM over LPT.
I have a Model 100, which is amazing. I don't have, but was always fond of the original Mac Portable and, later, the original powerbooks.

The singular, at the time, real take away about machines was that you could just close the lid and go, and it would (mostly) sleep the computer, and you could pick up where you left off.

But also, with the Powerbook design, the keyboards were very good, the track ball was in the right place, and you had those little feet in the back you could turn and raise the laptop up.

I was also very fond of the original Compaq lunchbox with the red display. We had a clone of one of those at the office, and it was great dragging SCO Unix around for remote work and demos.
First would be the compaq portable.

Second would be my Dell Latitude CPXj (I still use it all the time)

Third would be my Actrix Matrix.. since ita just bonkers of a design.
Tandy PC-4. You never forget your first.
For me it was the chunkier but more capable TRS-80 PC-2. I think the tiny 4-color plotter was my all-time favourite peripheral.
Later I changed to the HP 200LX and despite many attempts to replace it, I just can't seem to.
If pocket computers don't count, then fond memories of dragging a Kaypro-2 to highschool on the bus and taking notes in class.
Datavue 25... First one I got to use that was actually portable.
It was definitely easier on me to borrow from my mothers office on the weekends compared to the Compaq Portables they also had. ( I weighed around 150lbs at the time)
And I had a RGB monitor for my 128, so I'd just hook it up to that for color.

I'd still like to find a working one of these, but the 3 I've stumbled across suffered horrible battery deaths.
I recently acquired an IBM P70 portable which I’m hoping to get working. Really loving the machine, keyboard and display, just gotta get it working properly. I like my Osborne 1A sewing machine too but just wish it wasn’t text only. I feel like if I can get my Franklin CX sorted out, I’ll really like that too. Recently got a Apple IIe so can finally write some disks to try the CX.