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Your first Atari, and last?


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Aug 29, 2007
Okay, for some reasom I thought your computer was an 800xl, my bad. I did look around The Brewing Company's website and found this:

It's a replacement power supply for the 400/800 and it costs just $20 bucks plus shipping. SO depending on where you live it shouldn't take long to get this and have your 800 up and running.


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Jan 9, 2023
My first computer was Atari 800 in 1981 with a Percom, my first double density floppy drive. When 800 died, I got 800XL in 1984 with "Ferrari" disk drive, Indus GT. I got the replacement as new 130XE when 800XL died. My last computer was XEGS but I used it in short time, I disliked it, I sold it. I still have 130XE with me now.


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Jan 13, 2023
My first was an Atari 800, probably around 1980 (5th grade or so). Learned to program by typing in code from magazines (led to my career in programming/tech). Started a BBS with a 1030 modem (uncle worked for phone company and we built a ring detector) and a 1050 drive.. then went to an 800xl, then a 130xe.. also had an ATR8000. My favorite peripheral was the Indus GT drive.

Ran multiple BBB's, wrote my own BBS software for a HS G&T project (using the MOE from Carina), cracked some games, started a warez group that went national (I think statute of limitations is up, yes? lol).. Got a 1040ST when they came out.. had that for my freshman year of college in 1989, but sophomore year they required an IBM PC compatible (and provided it as part of tuition).

30+ years later I picked up a 1200xl, a FujiNet, and re-learned to code for the 8-bit and worked on some FujiNet stuff.. about to start my next project with it.