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    Timex/Sinclair 2068 software?

    One of the board members Mark J. Blair nf6x@nf6x.net. You can buy boards from OSHPark here: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/6ihON5Uq Or, I have singles for $17.00 shipped. Add $14.00 for each additional board. PM me for Paypal info. I just ordered a new batch, and I'll have them in a...
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    WTB: High density XT floppy controller

    This is what the board I built looks like...
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    Commodore 64c Screws

    I lost all the screws to my disassembled C-64C. I had taken it apart to install JiffyDOS. Anyone know what kind they are, or where I could simply buy a set? eBay had nothing.
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    Need Known Good Workbench 1.3 Disks

    I'm trying to fix a pair of Amiga 500 Computers I have on the shelf here. I have a set of Workbench disks, but neither unit will boot from them. I want to rule out the chance that the disks are bad. So, I need a set of good copies of Workbench 1.3. I own Amiga Forever Pro Edition, so I own a...
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    Is this a genuine Radio Shack drive sytem?

    Early Coco had a tri-color label on front, never came in dual drive full height models, were 35 track cut down drives with a switch on the front.
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    50 Pin Floppy to 34 Pin Floppy Converter Board

    I have one of these that I got from LNW Research to go with an LNDoubler 5/8 for a TRS-80 Model I...
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    FS: ASTEC AA14320 230 Watt Power Supply for IBM 5170 AT

    I have an ASTEC AA14320 230 Watt Power Supply for IBM 5170 AT -- I thought it was a supply for a PC 5150 when I bought it. Asking $40.00 shipped.
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    Tano Dragon 64 needs Power Supply...

    Not sure this is right place to post this, but since the Dragon is a Coco work-alike... I’ve started bringing my prototype Tano Dragon 64 back to life. I used to work for Spectrum Projects in the early 1980's, and Bob Rosen got a prototype American Tano Dragon 64 from Tano to evaluate. When he...
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    Laser 128 1mb (unpopulated) RAM expansion cards...

    I have THREE (3) of these cards. They are unpopulated, and untested. Asking $30.00US ea. Shipped in the Continental U.S. Only.
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    CocoSDC adapter kits...

    I just ordered 2 full parts kits of the CocoSDC cartridge. This was a group run of the boards on the Maltedmedia Coco list ( https://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco ) CocoSDC: http://cocosdc.blogspot.com.au/ I'll be posting in this thread build progress and pics of the completed units.
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    Imagedisk and Apple ][

    There are Apple ][ Images on the Imagedisk website. ( http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img/index.htm ) Does this mean I can image/write Apple ][ Disk Images with a PC?
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    Making LDOS 5.3.1 disks from images for the Model I

    This IDE/FDC card in my 486DX/33 writes single density disks... In case this helps anyone.
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    Lo-Tech IDE interface for TRS-80 Model 4 running CP/M

    I haven't been able to make physical disks from the images supplied on the Lo-Tech site. They will be problematic for most people as they are double-sided, and not every Model III/4 user has double sided drives. So, my plan is to learn how to make physical disks from them, and in the process...
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    Making LDOS 5.3.1 disks from images for the Model I

    After successfully making bootable disks for my Model 4 earlier today, I've turned my attention to making a set of bootable LDOS disks from the images at the Tim Mann Misosys site. My first attempt failed. Every image when being written had errors under Imagedisk. I had made blank DMK images...
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    Cheapo IDE interface for Model 4 running LS-DOS

    Finally got around to making the cable for my cheapo IDE interface (http://www.lo-tech.co.uk/wiki/Lo-tech_TRS-80_IDE_Adapter_rev.2) Making the floppy has been a bear. I used the TRS32 emulator to boot the LD4-631.DSK image I downloaded from the Tim Mann website...