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    Needed: Picture tube for TI PPC

    I recently acquired from a donator a TI PPC with a bad green screen built in, this was the low end that didn't have the color screen. I need a replacement screen, perhaps someone has a broken PPC with a good screen I could buy? Please respond if you have an idea or one available. Alex
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    Audio Systems

    One of my other hobbies is vintage audio. I'd like to share my vintage audio system with everyone here. I got my lazy butt in the shop and built a TV stand for the TT to sit in. I hung the Large Advents on the back wall(see pic) I put the L100s on stands and put the stacked L100s tweeter to...
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    Hard Drive turns 50yo!

    Hard drive turns 50yo. Celebrate. http://news.yahoo.com/s/pcworld/20060913/tc_pcworld/127104;_ylt=AkJXdMI65qzsA5FPXejwYLEDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBhZDhxNDFzBHNlYwNtZW5ld3M- It was 5MB, more than I thought it was. RAMAC 305 was the name. 50 platters at 24" each.
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    Turntable and vinyl thread

    Since I don't want the pics thread to get uber jacked, we'll just have a thread to yak about turntables and vinyl. Both are direct drive(i'd use nothing else) The pioneer is a pl-530 fuly automatic with anti-skate, strobe, speed adjust, 33 and 45 speed select, play/pause/que, it als have many...
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    1337 7hr34d - 4 7h3 1337 0n1y

    7h15 7hr34d 15 4 7h3 1337 70 h4v3 c0nv3r54710n5. 1'11 574r7. wh47 15 y0u4r f4v0r173 v1nt463 c0mpu73r? m1n3 15 7h3 18M PC Jun10r
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    25 best computers of all time.

    Here is a new list of the 25 best computers of all time. 25. Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II (1982) Non-Linear Systems' Kaypro II didn't break new ground when it appeared toward the end of 1982, but it was a classic case of the right product at the right time. Even more than the Osborne (which...
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    Lets see what vintage computer folks look like

    Lets see what vintage computer people look like! Post them pics! Here is myself surfing vintage-computer.
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    Getting rerady to build a new engine for the 1983 truck.

    Just got me some new parts to build a new engine for the 83 silverado. Pistons and rods - 0.030 over Rod/crank sleeves Large timing gear, Chane and small timing gear Oil retriever Crank sleeves Oil pump Piston rings Complete gasket set Reworked/seated valves After I put the...
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    Good to bad weather in five minutes

    Alabama summer weather, creeps up out of nowhere. I got my camera out when it started forming. Then it started getting worse. Big dark clouds started rolling in. Minute later. Minute later. Minute later. Minute later, I went in because the lightning got really bad, 4 strikes a minute. But...
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    Luxeon 1watt LED flashlight

    Today i took a trip to wally world(wal mart for the mates over the pond) I baught a Dorcy 1watt luxeon LED flashlight, on sale for $19. I doubted it would be brighter than my full size(3x D) mag light, but this thing is BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!!!!!! I pointed this thing in my eyes and I still am...
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    Best computer brand of all time!

    Please choose one option, if your favorite is not in here, please choose the best in your opinion from the list.
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    We're screwed!

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nf/44163;_ylt=AunY3mUJvX9D5k7JSnRsxWUDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBhcmljNmVhBHNlYwNtcm5ld3M- Republicans keep ruining everything.
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    Doesn't IE7 look an aweful lot alike Opera?

    I think Microsoft ripped Opera off for their interface! See these screenies. This is the ALL NEW IE7 And this is Opera 8.5 Shame on Microsoft.
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    IBM PCjr won't boot

    I have an original IBM PCjr with the 4863 color display and chicklet keyboard. It was never used, but not in plastic wrap. I plugged the monitor into the computer, plugged the power into the monitor, and plugged the power into the computer, then installed 4x AA batteries into the keyboard. I...
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    Texas Instruments PPC

    Wow, I got this 55lb moster in today(thanks to Erik), cleaned her up, and booted her, to my suprise, it is the color version...Woot! This was made almost six months before the SX-64, making it even more special. This is by farest the coolest vintage computer I have ever seen. Boots to some kind...