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  • Hello,

    you may have a look here:
    Sorry, thats in german language. Maybe you can see from the connector side, which kind of EAE layout you have. There are two!
    It's too long ago to have mor details in mind, but last week I got an other pair of EAE and I may be in the same situation to debug this.

    - I would insert the capacitors back to the board.
    - I would insert the Cards without Top Connectors and test the CPU Instructions 1 + 2.
    - then I would start to insert the top connectors one after one beginning from the front. Always test the CPU instructions.

    If everything is ok for the CPU instructions you may test EAE instruction tests1 +2. If both tests are working you are ready.
    Depending on the problems you get while testing, the Top Connectors help you indentifying the location of a root cause of problems.

    You may have a look at the shmatics of the EAE in the old version you find on my site. There are the connectors ant the pins described and also the version of the board they neeed.

    Thank you for your suggestions.
    The only things I have that could be used on a PDP 8 are PDP 11 cross over disks RK05 etc.

    I can’t be sure if I need any additional memory as I have no idea yet how many of the cards I have that are faulty.

    Going by previous experience I am certain I will need at least 1 board so I would appreciate buying any spare working PDP 11 memory that you have.
    Thank you for responding. To the best of my knowledge the PDP-8 used 16 sector cartridges and the PDP-11 used 12 sector cartridges. The cartridges are hard sectored so it is very difficult to convert from on to the other. In other words unless you have 16 sector cartridges they would not be useful to me.

    I purchased the Unibus boards as part of a set of boards (I wanted the PDP-8 boards in the set). I don't know if they are functional. I will be visiting a friend in December who has several unibus PDP-11 systems and I can test the boards at his house.

    Good luck with your system. I will let you know once I get a chance to test the boards.
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