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    Gateway 2000 486-33 "slimline" service manuals

    I just picked one of these up off fleabay claimed to power up (comes tomorrow) I've got an AMD 100MHz Socket 3 CPU here, and curious if it'll work in the board as in the pics it looks to take 72-PIN RAM, so it *should* be new enough to take it. I cannot find anything on the model, but plan on...
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    IBM PS/2 Model 55SX will not boot after replacing Dallas chip!

    hey, so i purchased two new dallas chips for my 55sx and model 30 since my soldering skills kind of suck The chip went in perfectly, and seems to have the same pins (have not quite looked at the layout), but now the computer refuses to boot from the hard drive, even though i can see it and...
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    Found a newton message pad for $30 on cl if anyone is around Phoenix..

    http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/syd/3114945380.html just thought i'd throw it on here.. does not seem to come with the cable or charger though
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    anyone know where i can get a copy of AOL 4.0 for 68k mac?

    I've got an ethernet card for my performa and it's been working great. I've been able to email attachments to it using my free aol account and aol 3.0, but i was wondering if i could get a copy of 4.0 since it seems to auto update itself to 5.0 and can still do most things i cannot find a...
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    Thinking of writing an app, need suggestions/input or is it even needed

    disclamer: my thoughts right now are all over the place since i just worked eight hours after having classes this morning, so please forgive me if they do not exactly make sense. so, i have yet to find an app that can do this in Snow Leopard and beyond at least for a reasonable price (or has...
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    Found an Apple PDS upgrade card on eBay, questions..

    I have a performa 575 right now, and i am wanting to throw the PPC upgrade in it just to do it (i know it'll only be 66MHz, but i want it anyway) i found this one on eBay, and it says it's for the Quadra by what i can find looking it up Just wondering if there is any way i can wrangle to make...
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    Who here used the old school Prodigy in dos?

    hey we were talking about BBS's tonight and somehow we got on the old-school prodigy service (the one that ran in DOS and had no Internet access) im wondering here if anyone had it, we got it back in '94 with our Gateway 2000 DX 50Mhz machine and the built in 9600bps modem.. we had it until it...
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    What's a good ethernet card for a PS/2 Model 30/286?

    Hey im looking for a good ethernet card for my PS/2 286 machine, luckily its an ISA model, but i have an EA201 from netgear, but even if i use the NE2000 compatible driver, or the netgear driver, i cannot get arachne to use the card. The generic NE2000 seems to talk to the card and arachne can...
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    HP Pavilion 3100 weird CD-Rom issues (in windows 95 only)

    Ok, so i have this system that's set up on my desk and all it's used for is generally internet radio through Windows Media Player 6.1 and making floppies for my old systems, but has developed an really odd issue. When i am using Windows 95 (i have re-installed using my OSR 2 disc and also...
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    Thinking of buying 8-bit sound blaster 2.0 for my 5160, is it worth it?

    Im thinking of getting a sound blaster 2.0 for my 5160, now my question is, with a 4.77mhz processor, is there even much i can do with it or would i be better off without?
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    PS/2 Model 30 286 8530-E21 Reference Disk

    Hey i just got one of these machines today and of course the CMOS battery is bad and i plan on just hacking the CMOS chip with a new 3v battery in a few days but was wondering if anyone has the reference disk as an image? it seems IBM has removed all the older files from their site. Any help...
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    Hello out here in Phoenix, AZ

    hey i am 22 and just started messing with this old hardware hard core not too long ago. I had got ahold of a 5160 for $10 at a yardsale (i just bought it because i thought it looked cool and i've always been a tech geek with the newer stuff), well i got messing around with it, and actually am...