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    ATA HDD to USB?

    From Stasson.org https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/hard-drives-hdd/quantum/MAVERICK-MV-270-AT-270MB-3-5-SL-ATA2-FAST.html "The Quantum drives support both the Extended CHS (Cylinder Head Sector) and LBA (Logical Block Address) addressing methods in overcoming the 528 MB DOS capacity barrier."
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    IBM 5150 with XT IDE Help

    You should be able to get power for the DOM from pin 20 on the IDE Header on the XT-IDE. In that case, you dont need a power cable. However, some remove pin 20 from the header and would need to be added. There is a jumper on some of the XT IDE builds to supply power on pin 20.
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    Need help with a finicky Qumetrak 142 floppy drive (PCjr)

    I would not worry to much about the lube you now have on the rails. Just check it once in a while to see if the carriage is moving freely by hand. If it gets sticky, use some Isopropyl Alcohol to clean them. I don't remember how or even if I succesfully lubed the spindle on mine. It could be...
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    Need help with a finicky Qumetrak 142 floppy drive (PCjr)

    Do check the RPM as mentioned previously. I recall the drive that I worked on that was all gummed up had trouble maintainig the correct RPM. I tried to adjust with the POT on the pcb but it would not spin at a consitant speed until I managed to lube the spindle motor and spindle bearing. I...
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    IBM 5155 MFM Hard Disk dimensions

    The 5155 was not intended to have a hard disk installed internally. IBM provided the 5161 expansion unit to provide an external 10 MB hard disk. Kinda takes the "portability" out of the "Portable" 5155 though.
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    Need help with a finicky Qumetrak 142 floppy drive (PCjr)

    Of coarse I can't be sure, because I wasn't there when the drive was lubed, but it sounds like you might need to be a little more thorough with the cleaning and lubing of the carriage rails. I once pulled a drive from a PCjr that must have been in a smokers house. The rails were very sticky...
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    Does anyone else find this disturbing?

    Yup. I find it very disturbing. But not as disturbing as my 18 year old daughter thinking she's an "ADULT". Therefore, she knows EVERYTHING!! She thinks she can party every single day and still succeed at University. Can you say EPIC FAIL?! First semester, all Fs. What a waste!! I'm told...
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    Is this a good deal?

    Wow! 14000 discount!! And shipping aint bad. You should JUMP on it!! ;)
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    Help Finding Typing Program from early 80s

    I don't remember if the fingers show up in all the modes. I think they are only displayed during the "training ground". I found it very helpful to see where my hands "should" be.
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    What is 'proper' restoration

    Sometimes " Restoring" is the wrong approach. I believe in preservation. Keep it from deteriorating, and hopefully, keep it working. I think you're doing great! Some people will go to far and ruin the value of a classic.
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    Help Finding Typing Program from early 80s

    I remember a program called Mastertype
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    Please fix the PM system

    I posted a message on Vbulletin's forum and got a very quick and terse response. See image below. I find it hard to believe nobody has contacted vbulletin about our issues, but that's what the reply seems to suggest.
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    Living Computer Museum, Seatle

    Does anyone have any info about the possibility of Living Computer Museum reopening? I see the web site message about their "temporary" closure has not been updated since they first closed.. I think many of us have not been very optimistic about their future. I continue to think of them with...
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    IBM 5155 with monitor (commmodore) 184S or Philips CM883

    You mean THIS ONE? Looks like it's in stock. I HIGHLY recommend that. I've built and sold many of those from kits and have not received a single complaint. They work very well indeed. I've also dealt with Serdashop and have not had reason to complain. He seems like a straight shooter. Greg
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    Decided to start learnig C

    I've played around with BASIC since about 1979 but never really got super deep into it. A few years ago, I bought a book about assembly, but couldn't stay awake reading it. So, late in September, I started looking for Online Courses for programming. I stumbled accross "C Programming with...