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  • Mike:
    You need to clear out your PM - can't send you a message because you've got too many stored !

    Send me your email and I'll ship you the ZIP of my source. It's a bunch of CRT support routines, but the routine that you want is csprintf() and the associated support routines, all in crtio.c. You can probably toss the rest without harm.

    Using the old cartridge = vintage to the max! When did you get it (the NoteJet)?

    Ah, all this looking at info on old machines makes me nostalgic for the TRS-80s from our computer lab...
    Hi there-- compiling a photolog of some vintage computers and need a good one of the NoteJet 486. Particularly interested in vintage ink cartridges too so the overall look is at correct as possible. I assume the cartridges you use are all new?
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