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    English Sources for CH375DOS.SYS - ISA to USB adapter for Thumb drives

    There are a number of boards available from China originally aimed at industrial use but these 8 bit ISA cards using the WCN CH375 USB host chip together with CH375DOS.SYS allows Dos based PCs to access small Thumb drives as an additonal drive. Are the sources for the driver available (in...
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    IBM 330 6571 conversion to 6573 ie replacing VL-ISA riser with PCI-ISA riser.

    I have a 330 DX2-66 - 6571 which has the 3 slot VL-ISA riser. I would like to convert it to a 6573 ie replace the riser with the 3 slot PCI-ISA riser. There appear to be a number of different 3 slot IBM riser cards. Which is the correct one and are there any other changes needed? Thanks Peter
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    XT-IDE boot menu appears, can select A / C etc, but will not attempt to boot.

    Thanks, I have now managed to get a Goldstar generic ISA IDE card working with the existing BIOS. I have als. o sort of sorted the XTIDE though there are significant issues particularly in trying to bot from it. Main aspects seem to be: 1) although it gets enough power from the IDE card to...
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    CP/M86 for IBM PC-AT source build kit

    Gary, A quick look at the cpm8611src.zip on the Robdeamon's link above would appear to be the build sources that you are looking for. They also include the CP/M80 ASM86.COM, GENDEF.COM, and GENCMD.COM tools so that you can build CP/M86 on an old CP/M 80 2.2 system if you don't have a working...
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    IBM PC XT, AT CP/M86 boot sector contents

    Chuck any ideas where assuming that the variant to which you are referring is a native cbios one and not the 144FEAT2 one? Peter
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    IBM PC XT, AT CP/M86 boot sector contents

    Thanks for the replies. As far as I can ascertain Freek Heite's 144FEAT2 is an additional driver that is loaded before the CPM.SYS file by an ammended LOADER on the boot tracks prior to loading CPM.SYS that adds the additional floppy support. Not sure why it works that way rather than replace...
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    XT-IDE boot menu appears, can select A / C etc, but will not attempt to boot.

    Scruit, How did you change the port to 1f0h? The limited documentation that comes with my AAPro XTIDE card only has switch positions for ports 200 -3xx? I have been trying to get my RM VX/2 (16 MHz 386 PC-AT clone) to work with IDE. The built in Bios wants the IDE at 1f0H. The card would...
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    Get your PDP-11 and VAX orders in early for Christmas...

    Hi Dave, I don't suppose that you have any spare Micro PDP 11/53 / 73 hard disk mounting slides left? I am also after a DIL Xtal for an 11/23 CPU board. I can find other frequencies but not the ones used by DEC on the 11/23. Thanks Peter
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    CP/M86 for IBM PC-AT source build kit

    The DRI CP/M 86 Alteration Guide (part of CP/M 86 System Guide) and OEM disks refer to the Intel SBC 86/12, which is decidedly not PC compatible! There were Retail versions of CP/M 86 for the IBM PC-XT and PC-AT. I am interested in porting onto a more modern PC (386 / 486 / Pentium based PC)...
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    IBM PC XT, AT CP/M86 boot sector contents

    Chuck & John Thanks. The BIOS on the Intel board is looking for 0x55 0xAA in the last 2 bytesof the boot sector, without them it refuses to recognise the disk as having a valid boot sector. I have done a temporary hack to change these 2 bytes to the 55AA used by MSDOS systems and this BIOS. It...
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    IBM PC XT, AT CP/M86 boot sector contents

    I have a CP/M86 disk that will boot on my Thinkpad laptop but not on an Intel d915GAG desktop. On the desktop the ROM bios looks at the Boot sector Track 0, Sector 1 and rejects the disk. On the Thinkpad the Rom bios is happy to boot the disk. Can anyone point me to the source for the BOOT...
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    Apple ii disk operations on 13 spt disks on 16 spt disk ii controller?

    Apple II disk ii controller boards come in old 13 spt and new 16 spt forms. Given that Muffin can transfer files from 13 spt disks onto 16 spt disks using a 16spt controller and that the BASICS disk can boot a 13 sector disk on a 16 spt controller, it is clearly possible atleast to read 13 spt...
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    Information on Chinon F-051 APC Disk ii clone for Apple ii

    I have acquired a Chinon F-051 APC 5.25" drive unit. The unit contains a Chinon F-051MD drive mechanism with a 2 x 10 way IDC connector a la Disk ii. A single sheet of A4, says that it is specially designed to work with APPLE II. But it also claims that it is a 163 Kb formatted capacity (single...
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    DECUS C under RT11 memory requirements?

    I have downloaded a DECUS C dsk image for RT11. However, when I try to run it under simh, KMON-F informs me 'Insufficient memory' I am trying to run it under a simh 11/73 emulation with 4M RAM. I can run AS. .run dl1:cc RT11XM 5.03 - insufficient memory .sh mem Extended memory...
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    Documentation for DEC DUP protocol as used by DEC diagnostics such as XXDP on RQDX3

    Some MSCP Controllers (eg RQDX3) also support DUP for diagnostics. The RQDX3 Controller User Guide mentions 2 DUP functions: Execute local program - runs a program stored in ROM. Execute supplied program - loads a program into RAM and starts executing it. In the glossary of supported...