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    What's a good way to upgrade my Amiga 1000 ?

    What's a good way to upgrade my Amiga 1000. I like to get it setup which would let me download Amiga software online and transfer the files to my A1000 as I do with my C64 and Apple][. I do have the 1MB memory expansion already. Is there something like the uIEC with the SD card from Jim Brain...
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    Looking for schematics[pdf] - Vector Hi-Res Graphics board

    Anyone have pdf schematics for the Vector Hi-Res Graphics board [S-100] The usual websites didn't have one yet This is from 1977, a similar design as the Dazzler but much higher resolution,256x240 Although it's not color, it does have 16 level grey scale at 128x120, I think it was a nice design...
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    Cross Platform Coding for the Apple ][

    Anyone have some success with getting the right tools to setup a workflow for building a cross platform coding on the Apple ][ ? I found some tools already which I hope someone can give us some advice to build a practical workflow. While helping Evan from the VCFed museum on his Lego robot...
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    FYI: VCF West is streaming Live [link]

    FYI: VCF West is streaming Live http://livestream.com/accounts/20674917/events/6079382
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    8212's with a strange markings

    Anyone come across some 8212's with any strange markings. I bought these a long time ago, so I can't recall which parts supplier had them. The part# is 8212P but it has no vendor symbol or prefix And the datecode has TSL9445 I didn't think they were still made 20yrs later ​And the prefix on the...
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    User Port connectors and Enclosure

    FYI, a good deal on User port connectors, 10/$15 just picked up a bag other common places are price gouging you on this part. http://www.memotronics.com/commodore-pet-cbm-64-c64-sx64-128-vic20-user-port-connector-pcb-mount-10-pcs/ ​would be nice to find a matching enclosure for this too...
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    Test Update: SpaceCommand - Multi-Screen, Multi-Player Network Game

    [best viewed in1080p] The player screens are small cause the screenshot video extends over 2 monitors. I'll have to make another video later with my tablet so I can zoom in closer. I turned off the soundfx for now I promised some of you that I would give an update about this. This is the first...
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    Anyone else get this Failed Login Notification message from vcforum ?

    Anyone else get this warning message from vcforum ? Some kind of phishy business going on The IP Addr belongs to this website---> Tor Project: Anonymity Online Failed Login Notification Someone has tried to log into your account on The Vintage Computer Forums with an...
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    Anyone try a much faster motherboard for Win95 ?

    I was curious about this. I was looking into building a Win95 box to run some old network games. And if anyone has tried to install Win95 on a faster motherboard. I seem to recall something inhibiting Win95 from being installed on newer motherboards, back then, when the newest OS was Win98...
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    Vector Graphic ZCB /PHANTOM + Power-on-Jump Error

    gathered a little info about the S-100 timing when using Phantom
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    Vector Graphic ZCB /PHANTOM + Power-on-Jump Error

    Yes, there were a few thing sI noticed after I posted that Also, we have a thread running in parallel on the MARCH group list by the same Op And so there were a few replies that were out of sync with this thread :) I reposted them from there to help complete the discussion ​If you have a...
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    Diagnosing KIM-1 short

    Here's a diagram showing the +5v Caps - there's very little. There's also a Zener wired across +5v in there as a protection for when the incorrect power supply voltage is connected. This can be suspect too - just lift one leg and measure the resistance.
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    Diagnosing KIM-1 short

    Bill, Not sure where you placed the meter probes for the measurement But you want to measure with a Digital Multi Meter [DMM] first, not with the ESR meter, on the +5V power rail. You like to check the in-circuit resistance of the entire board first. but I attached a pic showing a very easy...
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    Looking for pinout on HP AlphaStation Power supply

    I'm trying to find the pinout for this HP AlphaStation power supply, Part# 30-50662-01, Power Supply Unit (375-WATT). I've been looking online for the manual without any luck. I was hoping somebody might have some leads on this. I don't have the computer itself to trace all the connections. I...
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    Any place in the world that might still make Core Memory ? ....I know it's a stretch

    Think there's any place left in the World that might still make Core Memory ? I know it's a stretch I've read that the ordinary Ferrite Cores that being sold aren't good enough - as they are the 'Soft' Ferrite Cores. You actually need 'Hard' Ferrite Cores which retain the magnetism, and having...