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    Monochrome turbochannel frambebuffer connector PMAG-A

    Dear all, Does anybody know where to get the male connector needed to connect the video signal of a DEC PMAG-A Framebuffer? Looks similar to BNC but with a thread instead of a bayonet fitting. Thanks a lot Stephan
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    DECSTATION 5000/133 Ram - where to get?

    Dear All, I own a Decstation 5000/133 MIPS with 32 MB Ram, which I would like to upgrade. The machine uses 80 pin PS/2-like simm modules. I cannot find them anywhere. Does anybody have som hints where to find or buy these things? Best regards Stephan
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    RAM Type for DEC3000-300 Alpha Workstation

    Dear all! I have an Alpha DEC3000 here running OpenVMS 7.3 AXP and I would like to upgrade my RAM. The system Board has 8 PS/2 type (72 pin) sockets and I am wondering if I need special DEC RAMs. In the System Programmer's Manual I have found some hints (like 70ns, Parity, max 32 MB, 2 RAM SIMMs...
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    Conversion of MFM to FM Disk Image

    Hi everybody, I have recently bought a SKS KISS-II machine, which was the predecessor of the Triumph-Adler P1/2 series of computers https://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=484 Unfortunately, the disk images I have available are for the MFM type floppy controller with I assume...
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    UCSD-Pascal /p-System/ pecan power system for Atari / VMS - VAX / IBM etc

    Dear all! I am wondering, if anybody knows if the UCSD P-system ever existed on Atari ST, UNIX and DEC VAX platforms like it was announced in the advertisments...
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    UCSD p-System Amiga file transfer

    Dear all! I am currently having problems to transfer files from inside the p-System to the Amiga DOS and vice-versa. There is a dedicated amiga.util.code which should do the job. Unfortunately, I always get the error message attached. I have tried with different Kickstart versions, on...
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    Repair/Adjustement Teletype 33 tape reader

    Dear all! My tape reader has issues... it has difficulties to read the first bit in a row. I have cleaned everything, including painfull disassembly/reassembly of the contact block, but the issues remain. https://youtu.be/7BjzjfAQ5-w Any tape reader adjustment experts here who might have a...
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    ASR33 - Starting the tape reade in line mode

    Hi everybody! I would like to use the tape reader of my Teleprint 390 (=ASR 33) Teletype. It works fine in local mode. But when I am in line mode, the reader will not start by shifting the "start" lever forward. Anybody familiar with that behaviour? Regards Stephan
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    Teletype ASR 33 Tape punch transport issue

    Hello everybody, Since today, my tape punch stopped working on my Teleprint 390 terminal (with ASR 33 mechanical buildup). It seems like the feed pawl does not turn the feed ratchet. The Punch ON/OFF buttons feel a little bit mushy. The punching mechanism works, its just the feed that does...
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    Teletype ASR 33 typewheel

    Dear all! I am looking for a standard US typewheel for a Teletype 33. I recently acquired my machine but unfortunately the rubber from the hammer was missing and the previous owner flattened the letters almost completely :( It does not need to be a brandnew/NOS item. Off course I am willing to...
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    RS232 in BASIC-80 / MBASIC or Turbo Pascal

    Hi everybody! I am looking for a method to access the RS232 port in MBASIC or Turbo Pascal 2.0 or 3.0 running in CP/M 2.2. The system is a Royal / Alphatronic PC-8. Unfortunately, at least in Basic, it seams like there is no possibility to access the RS232 via the OPEN Command (which works...
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    Royal Alphatronic PC-8 Eprom Images?

    Hi! I am looking for the US / UK Version of the EPROM Images - in particular I am interested in the Charset / Keymap. I only have the German version where the square brackets { } are not availble which is annoying when trying to program in pascal. Best regards Stephan
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    Microvitec Cub 653 Monitor (Type 1456 Li2) - Pinout

    Hi everybody, I have here a British made Microvitec Cub 653 Monitor (Type 1456 Li2) with a 7 pin DIN connector at the back and I have no idea what signal could be used as input or what the pinout might be. Could anybody help? I know that there are many different inputs are supported for the...
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    Hewlett Packard 382 Controller HP-UX Root password adventure

    Dear all, I have recently acquired a HP 382 Workstation (Motorola 68040) from 1992. It is booting HP-UX from hard disk and asks for a root password. Does anybody know if there is a possibility (like maintenance console) to change the root password without formatting and re-installing...
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    Wanted: Driver for old version of "Computerinsel" VME Graphics Card

    Dear all! I am trying to put an old Computerinsel NOVA VME Board with ET4000 ISA Card for my Atari TT back into operation. Unfortunately, the original drivers are missing. Maybe somebody has these drivers available? I suppose I have a very old version of the VME Board that is not compatible...