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A fresh large scale run of new S100Computers bare computer boards.


Experienced Member
Oct 19, 2008
San Ramon, CA
I'm thinking of starting the year with a re-run of some of our older S100Computers boards. If I you are interested in obtaining some of the past bare boards could you reply below. Generally there needs to be a minimum of 4 boards to do a run. This would be one large "cleanup" run to get past users up to date, and to allow new users to participate etc.

The boards are done by PCBCart (in China). In most cases I should be able to use their old Gurber files and so avoid a "Tooling Cost" (($76). Bare boards run at about $23 a board (minimum 4) + FedEx shipping to San Francisco. Larger numbers bring the cost down.

Anyway if you want board(s), go to the S100Computers Google Group and order (not here). Do not send cash, do not send me e-mails.

The list is here:-
http://s100computers.com/My System Index Page.htm

Happy New Year everybody.



Mar 4, 2014
... and the old chaos remains. Shame on you John, you are the most sloppiest developer the world has ever seen!


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Sep 5, 2013
... and the old chaos remains. Shame on you John, you are the most sloppiest developer the world has ever seen!

This site is primarily to support the exchange of ideas and information among collector and hobbyists who like old computers.

To this community monahan_z has brought something on the order of 50 new S-100 designs and a website chock full of information about that classic hardware type. He offers boards based on his own mental sweat equity to the community at cost and supports people as they build his designs. Those boards are quite popular in the community and seem to always sell out.

And your contribution to the community is what? Exactly?

Please! Be polite. Be respectful of others. Or be quiet!


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May 3, 2003
+ 1

Somebody flagged the offending post for moderators to review. I think that DDS gave the perfect answer.

Please stay on topic now, and if anybody wants to throw bricks do it in private.