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Anyone can tell me what is this?


New Member
Oct 28, 2023
I bought an Apple II like 20 years ago and I think that this part came with it, but I am no longer sure, I can't remember...

Can anyone help me identify what it is?



What you got there is whats known as a lamp getter. You need to load up a disk with CP/M for apple II then load up a copy of this "productivity" software called Zork... When that loads up.. type "GET LAMP" and your off to the races..
Thank you guys!
So it is basically like a hard-wired computer to be implanted within another one, right?
Fascinating, the imagination they had back then is incredible...
Yes, it is a computer card in its own right - with a Z80 CPU and 64K of RAM.

The Apple is used for its disks, video screen, keyboard etc. (so basically the peripherals).

You load a program into the Apple that (effectively) turns it into a slave peripheral to the Z80 CPU running on the option card.

Most of the software (in the business world that is) was available for the CP/M operating system. As a result, it generally only ran on 8080, 8085, Z80 computers. If people used the Apple II for business, then adding a co-processor card gave them access to a much larger variety of business software than was available for the Apple.