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Apple ][ e need help: can't load programs from drive

Nothing like a 9 year old thread. But, vintage threads for vintage computing. What better synergy is there?
For what its worth I just found a treasure trove of Vintage Computing items. I just listed the Apple II Mini Manual - the early typewritten Green one - not the later red one. If there is anything you think may help you in it, I can attempt to scan it and post or send. Mike
Howdy billet.

You do know that Apple floppies are formatted differently than PC's. That has been an area of contention since the very beginning of the whole home computer system evolution. If you wish, I can look to see if I have any Apple, and or Mac formatted floppies.

One thing I want to reiterate is that most Mac computers can format and read floppy discs for either Apple, or Pc's making Mac computers even more universal than most people ever realized.
So... I have this Apple IIc. I turn it on and all it does is chatter. I figured it was broken. Years later I learn you have to have a disk in the drive... Duh me. <true story>

Tick tock tick tock.

Happy Fourth of July 2022!

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