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Bringing Old Laptop/Notepads into 3rd millenium.

Micom 2000

Veteran Member
Mar 6, 2004
Manitoba North of 50 degrees Latitude
I'm a collector of many years and my newest treasure, a Dauphin DTR1
evoked the thought that most of my older laptop's com abilities have been
emasculated, first with the hi-spd modems, which you could work around
using an external modem, and now, with the hi-spd networks requiring a
NIC. It occurs to me that a niche market might exist for an adaptor that
plugs into the RJ11(?) sockets and then into the Inet lead.

My remembered computer 101 says that the now-outmoded, 2400bps or less, internal modems, were connected to the FIFO chip. To me that
suggests that an external device, such as a NIC could also tap that access.
Aside from the bus-speed problems it would be cool to be able to get
onto the I-Net with my old Grid 1520 (286) using, possibly, NetTamer .

Even cooler would be to have a wireless adapter on my Dauphin. I
wouldn't dare venture into the US tho, an obvious Canadian terrorist
with this doomsday-looking techno machine. heh, heh.