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Cloning a PAL/HAL (Part 7)


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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
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Finally, you program the GAL with your programmer. For this one, I used an inexpensive programmer, the Chinese TOP853. These are sold on eBay, and if you're patient, you can pick one up for about $25, shipped. Mine worked right out of the box.

It's a good idea to erase the GAL before programming, even if it's brand-new. A random sampling shows quite a few with some fuses blown.

So, did it work? Well, this was a copy of a PAL on the video card in an AT&T 6300. Mine had no PAL because the previous owner wanted to use a VGA card of his own. Since you can't remove the native display card, pulling the PAL is a good way to disable it. Just make sure that you don't lose the PAL!.

And, yes it works. Below is the 6300 driving a VGA LCD display:

Next, on to a more complex part, the PAL16L8, in part 8.


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