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CP/M for Xerox 1800

It's a 64-bit box. I suppose I could run a virtual machine with DOS in it.
Well, then I have to ask: why don't you make the disks yourself instead of asking someone else to make the disks, buy a mailer to put 'em in, put postage on it, take it to the post office, etc.?
... Where exactly is the problem getting the image from your Internet box to the PC that you would not have with VCF-DT?
What I was really asking was, you have to get VCF-DT from your server to the PC somehow, so why couldn't you just do the same thing with the disk image in the first place?
Thought I would bring back a thread from the dead. I just wanted to thank @Chuck(G) for his Xerox Sunrise diskette image. I actually found the Teledisk version in the Maslin archive and used that as well as the EXE version in this thread. Works great either way.



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